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hase●s can evolve i○nto a 1.5 to 2 t〓rillion yua〓n of consum●ption over, that ■would be a very no●table driving force ◆for the economy◆." But Profess○or Wang notes the p■rogram still nee○ds the clari〓fication o●f many details for i〓mplementation purp◆oses. He also p●oints out the govern○ment should seek ○to improve people's● income, as it i●s th

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e fundam〓ental soluti●on for expandi〓ng consumer consump◆tion.China's State ●Council recently a■pproved a p●lan... offer●ing subsid○ies to those w?/p>

鬶o want to b●uy new hom■e appliances and ○replace what t○hey already own. ●Details have yet to〓 be released, ○but eager customers◆ are already chec●king out th■e market.M◆any potential b〓uyers are tur○ning up at ho●me appliance〓 stores to ask ○about how to get

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su〓bsidies when● they buy new ap●pliances to repla〓ce their older mod〓els. Accor●ding to the p●olicy, con●sumers can 〓get subsidies worth ■up to 10 percent o○f the purchase◆ price.Home applic◆ation vendor◆ said, "There have b◆een many cons

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umer○s asking abou■t this in the las○t two weeks.〓 According to a ●partial survey on〓 Saturday and S○unday, abo●ut 3 to 5 perc◆ent of consu

mers b●uying refrigerators,■ washing machi〓nes, color TVs, ○and air co■nditioners, have in〓quired about the pol■icy."Some 〓home appliance st●ores h

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